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The Eco Hour helps businesses, organizations and communities discover how being environmentally-friendly and socially responsible can benefit their bottom line.

We inspire, educate and train individuals on how to make a successful transition towards a sustainable economy.

The Eco's time!

The Eco Hour supports restaurants, hotels, municipalities, schools, hospitals, and corporate commissaries in implementing sustainable programs by offering products specifically geared towards such programs.

We are proud distributors for the following manufacturers:

SCD Probiotics      ECO Products      AWS Inc.      Trellis Earth   

SCD Probiotics is a global provider of probiotic products, manufactured using the principals of effective and beneficial microorganisms applied science.  SCD is the developer of Odor Away, an all-natural, environmentally-friendly odor reducer containing powerful microbes which inhibit odors commonly found in Industrial environments.

ECO Products offer environmentally friendly single use foodservice needs.  Cold cups and lids, hot cups and lids, food containers, cutlery, soup cups, bowls and custom products – all made from renewable resources or recycled content so they are kind to the environment from beginning to end.  Join the many that have chosen to rethink their foodservice choices in the interest of the environment, future generations and the health of our planet.

AWS, Inc. the developers of the revolutionary Dewpointe Water System, the most advanced atmospheric water generator available with a unique multi-stage filtration system and the ability to produce up to 8.4 gallons of pure drinking water every day. The Dewpointe is a remarkably simple, yet highly effective appliance that creates drinking water out of the abundant supply of moisture in the atmosphere. It uses the most current water purification technology available to ensure a dependable production of the world’s purest water for your home or business.

Trellis Earth products are based on sustainable ingredients, but have specially treated plastic bases which result in greater formability and heat and wear resistance than products made from pure PLA, sugar cane, or potato starch. Their products can be microwaved with no leaching of any toxic material.

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